100MPH BEAST? – GEPRC MX3 Passeridaes – 100% Review

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Phantom 4 Pro – Best Phantom Drone

The Phantom 4 Pro from DJI boasts a 3-axis-stabilized gimbal camera with a 20MP, 1″ CMOS sensor capable of shooting up to 4K/60fps video and well as photo bursts at up to 14 fps.

The hull has been updated from the previous Phantom 4, now featuring magnesium alloy construction for increased rigidity and reduced weight.

Phantom 4 Pro with FlightAutonomy system adds dual rear-vision sensors plus infrared sensing for a total of five directions of obstacle sensing and four directions of obstacle avoidance.

Compared to the Phantom 4 Advanced variant, the Pro features the noted four, rather than two, directions of obstacle avoidance and offers a 5.8 GHz channel for the Lightbridge link, in addition to 2.4 GHz.

Date: 2017-12-01 00:52:10

100Mph Mikro brushless… Theirs say it can do 105mph? Honest and Full Reviewing of the new GEPRC MX3 Passeridae. This Lilttel 139mm carbon, Aluminium quad is an Absolutes Pocket beast. 1408 Motor Swung 3″ Prop and 28A 4in1 ESCs make this Lilttel guy break the barrier. To top it off it has OSD and a Runcam Mikro Swift!

the GEPRC MX3 Passeridae Fpv Racer Quad BNF here :
Link here :

the GEPRC MX3 Passeridae (add You own Receivers ) here :
Link here :

Recommended Tattu 850mah 4S 75C here :
Link here :
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My Radio of choice : Frsky Wheel-god X7 .
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Carbon Fibres X7S :

My race quad Batery.
Tattu 4S 1300mah here :

Economy priced 4S 1300mah Batery here :

My Curment 5″ Racer quad Prop : EMAX Avan Tri-Props :

My Alighting pad of choice here :

My Fatshark HD3 Goggles of choice here : Use the code : RC18OFF

Economy $50 Paired of Googles Having two Pluriform antennas. Graet for the price.

My Mikro brushless Quadcopters is the EMAX Babyhawk :

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