20 Minute Results Review

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What is 20 Minute Results?

Just to be honest… outside of the name, 20 Minute Results, I think this is better than 90% of the junk being pawned off online as something “new”. The traffic source being mentioned in this 20 minute results module is something that many of the biggest marketers you NEVER hear about use to build their lists and make boat loads of cash.

Is 20 Minute Results is Legit?

The cool part is that the mainstream launchers don’t tend to use this traffic source anymore. Mainly because they have no idea how to build a business out side of launching products. Mark and Paul have given you a real deal product. The important part here is not getting lost in the name.

YOU WILL NOT be up, running and profitable in 20mins. YOU can build a solid income from home and not need to be a “face” this can be a totally behind the scenes income and they even show you how to niche cross. Niche crossing is something not often talked about but done has been done by top marketers for years.

All and all, 20 minute results is a solid product with great info that will actually help you get up and running quickly. You have to actually apply it though!


What Will You Get Inside 20 Minute Results Training?

Step-By-Step Video Training

The video training takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know about this simple method. No stones are left unturned and you’ll be able to follow along and start making money within 24 hours of getting started.

“ZERO To $176 In 20 Minutes” Case Study

This zero to “money in the pocket” case study shows you how to get fast results with the 20 Minute Results method even if you’re starting from nothing. Watch the easy-to-follow case study and “copy and paste” your way to profit.

Fast Money Cheat Sheets

Do you like to have something to read in addition to the video training? We’ve got you covered. These cheat sheets make it easy to get results even faster and are great for referring back later if you have a question here or there.


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