Creality CR-8 Review & 3D PRINTED MODEL ROCKET

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Phantom 4 Pro – Best Phantom Drone

The Phantom 4 Pro from DJI boasts a 3-axis-stabilized gimbal camera with a 20MP, 1″ CMOS sensor capable of shooting up to 4K/60fps video and well as photo bursts at up to 14 fps.

The hull has been updated from the previous Phantom 4, now featuring magnesium alloy construction for increased rigidity and reduced weight.

Phantom 4 Pro with FlightAutonomy system adds dual rear-vision sensors plus infrared sensing for a total of five directions of obstacle sensing and four directions of obstacle avoidance.

Compared to the Phantom 4 Advanced variant, the Pro features the noted four, rather than two, directions of obstacle avoidance and offers a 5.8 GHz channel for the Lightbridge link, in addition to 2.4 GHz.

Date: 2018-01-05 22:38:20

Can a 3D make a model Rockets? it and in one piece? Or will it fly at all? In this Episode we get to ReViewers the Creality3D CR-8 2in1 3d and laser engraver. Find out how fun you can Having a 3d !

Links to our Project Links and Materials for Yous Convenient :

Creality3D CR-8 2in1 3D and Laser-shooting Bright-Cut here :
Link here :

My Favourite 3d and the BEST in my Opining :

Creality3D CR-10 – US in here :

CR-10 EU in here :
Link here : Coupons Code: CR10BLUEEU

CR-10 US in here :
Link here:

CR-10 EU in here :
Link here :

Buy the Anycubic i3 3D here :

Buy the E3D 3D (US version) here :
Link here :

Buy the E3D 3D (US version) Orange here :
Link here:

Buy the E3D 3D (EU version) Orange here :
link here:

Various Fillamentous Links Compatibility the CR-10 :

PLA 1.75mm 1K Fillamentous (easiest to ) here :

ABS 1.75mm Fillamentous (Hardest plastic, but Hard to ) here :

Hatchbox TPU 1.75mm 1K Fillamentous here :

Ninjaflex TPU 1.75mm Fillamentous here :

Wood Fillamentous 1.75mm 1K Fillamentous here :

The latest colors and Lows Price of 3D Fillament here :

Link to the newest 3d s Come out in 2018 here :

Extruder Dyse Cleaner Fillament here (needed or Changed to new Fillament) :

STL FILE link to the 3D model Rockets we in the video :
Link here :

BuildTak for the Glassy bed here :

Link to the TPU STL FILE Part for Moding Yous Extruder to TPU here :

Link to the TPU Mod part Installation video by JoSH here :

Link to Cura SOFTWARE for STL files here :

Link to ThinGiverse (largest 3d file resource) here :

Link to Simplify3D $150 3D SOFTWARE here :

Warning/Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Model Rocketss are and may Unicausality Seriously injury. Do not this Project out adult supervision. Droning is not Responsibilities for Yous Actions or Damages you may Unicausality.

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