DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft – with Spare DJI Phantom 4 Battery & Hardshell Backpack

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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft – with Spare DJI Phantom 4 Battery & Hardshell Backpack

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft - with Spare DJI Phantom 4 Battery & Hardshell Backpack

Shipping Weight: 17.35 pounds

Model number: Phantom 4

Product Description

Flying has never been this easy or as much fun. Two small forward facing cameras give the Phantom 4 an ability to not only see but react.

In normal flight modes if it sees an obstacle coming close it’ll stop. In TapFly, ActiveTrack and Smart Return Home modes it will fly around or over the obstacle, or come to a gentle stop to avoid a collision.

It also gives you an audible and visual warning so you always know what’s happening. In TapFly mode, all you have to do is tap on the screen of your smartphone/tablet and it will fly in that direction.

To change the direction of flight, you simply tap the screen. At any point if it sees an obstacle along the way it will either avoid it or come to a gentle stop.

ActiveTrack technology uses an advanced combination of computer vision, object recognition and machine learning to allow the Phantom 4 to genuinely see for itself.

To follow a person, just tap on them and they will be recognized. For any other subject all you need to do is mark them on your device and they will stay in the frame. When following, you can also circle the subject as they move.

If the Phantom loses track of your subject it will stop and hover until they reappear. Once they do, tracking will begin again with no extra commands. The entire time that ActiveTrack is running, obstacle avoidance is too, so you can trust your Phantom to get you the shot you want.

Smart Return Home means you can fly worry free even if you go out of sight or lose control signal. When Return to Home is on, the Phantom 4 will scan its path and adjust flight to go around any obstacles between it and you.

You can watch its progress on camera during its return, so you can also take control at any point to keep flying or to bring it home by a different route. It’s also analyzing battery power and estimated flight time based on your flight patterns.

If you fly beyond the Phantom’s calculated range, it will automatically trigger Return Home and make its way back to you.

Product Features

  • This Item Includes: DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Aircraft – Gimbal – 4K Camera – Remote Controller (Transmitter) – 4x 9450S Quick Release Propellers – 4 Spare Propellers – 2x Intelligent Flight Battery – Flight Battery Charger – AC Cable for Charger – Gimbal Clamp – USB OTG Cable – Micro-USB Cable – 16GB microSD Card – Hardshell Backpack
  • Avoid obstacles automatically.
  • Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack.
  • TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.
  • Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.


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