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BEWARE: 3 Worst FB or Twitter Mistakes that DAMAGE Your LIFE

Spamming, tagging, befriending, group banging, bribing and begging, — everywhere you look people are desperately trying to get sales.

There’s just one problem — These are the SAME techniques that everybody else is using draining your productivity and hurting your reputation.

And a damaged reputation is THE worst thing that can happen — worse than not getting enough sales, worse than getting your social media accounts banned and even worse than making no money.

So please IMMEDIATELY stop making these 3 mistakes below before it’s too late.

Worst Marketing Mistake 1 – This Gets You Unfriended…..

When you want to recruit more or sell more, it’s as simple as spamming more, right? Wrong!

The more you spam, the more people will hate you. However, what’s interesting is that the right type of marketing can actually be harnessed to become a VERY powerful sales machine and $ generator.

See Demo Trough the link below

More on that in a moment…

Worst Marketing Mistake 2 – This Gets You Banned…

Getting the right frequency down is important, but overposting gets your social accounts banned. That’s exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to happen.

It triggers a process known as FB “jail” or Google+ “pen” (penitentiary) that prevents you from interacting with others, virtually making you invisible. That’s like starving, choking and drowning all at the same time — not good for sales!

Worst Marketing Mistake 3 – The “Circus Routine”

BEWARE of the “circus routine”. What the heck is that? It’s a process by which you keep trying so many different techniques that you can’t EVER create a strong rapport that shows your audience that you are a true professional.

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It’s like ADD marketing– no wonder they don’t get the results. They key is to create a magnet sufficiently powerful to force your audience to respond.

Out pull, out sell and humiliate the competition the smart way with this.

Thank me later,

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