Social Traffic Magnet – A Proven Solution For Massive Free Traffic From Social Media

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Social Traffic Magnet – A Proven Solution For Massive Free Traffic From Social Media


is an incredible modular training program which teaches your customers how to get FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC from Social Media. There are several amazing benefits of using this system, most notably the fact that it works WITH the terms and conditions of Facebook and Twitter etc. rather than AGAINST them, so there is no threat of being shut down.

Social Traffic Magnet also builds a good reputation rather than annoying people by spamming groups and profiles with auto-posting bots. Another amazing benefit is that the more people that use this system, the more traffic it generates – so it is one that is good to share!

Social Traffic Magnet is suitable for all levels of marketer and uses only free plugins and my training – so there are no additional costs! Existing customers have had dramatic and FAST increases in traffic, engagement, opt ins and revenue and your customers will be able to have the same.

Customers can choose to purchase at one of three levels depending on whether they want to drive traffic to one site, multiple sites or to clients’ sites. This will all bring in a bigger front end commission to you.

Social Traffic Magnet

Upsell : “Automated Income Creator” is a large and detailed, multi-module video training course. It teachers your customers everything they need to know to become a List Building Master (to make use of their new traffic!).

It takes your customers from the basic introduction to list building to advanced training on psychologically persuasive content creation and multiple strategies for list segmentation. These are tried and tested techniques not found elsewhere and come from my years teaching psychology and using it in marketing.

Upsell : “$250K Formula” is the blueprint to creating and running a complete information marketing business.

It can take your customers from scratch to $250K per year. Your ‘action taking’ customers will be able to follow my steps and create multiple products and coaching programs, and drive traffic to it all. I deal with what to do and how to deal with the usual difficulties.

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